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Join our host community

Hosts are at the heart of the Traveling Spoon community, and we would love to talk with you if you think you might be a good fit to join our growing community.

An ideal host

We love connecting with passionate cooks who care about the food they create and delight in sharing it with others. Are you a talented home cook? Are you passionate about the cultural traditions that make your cuisine unique? We would love to meet you and give you the opportunity to make money doing what you love and share it with travelers.

Application Process

  • 1
    Submit online application form
  • 2
    Phone/Skype interview
  • 3
    In-person visit and tasting
  • 4
    Enter your payment details and get ready to host!
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Trust & safety

We want you to feel 100% comfortable when hosting. This is why we have made sure that every Traveling Spoon booking is covered by our host guarantee that covers you should any problems arise. Additionally, we communicate as much information about our guests as possible and allow you to communicate with them directly so that you never have to accept a booking without feeling absolutely comfortable about it.


Host Feedback

“It was a pleasure to host people from all over the world. We had a wonderful interaction and sharing of experiences with our guests. It was gratifying to know that they enjoyed the meal so much. We didn't want our guests to leave and neither did they. We look forward to hosting for Traveling Spoon again.” - Freeda, Cochin, India. Learn more about what other hosts and travelers have to say about their experiences.

We can't wait to hear from you.